Hi guys, long time no see!
I'm in a dutch fridge snowboarding, SnowWorld is really sick.
Me, Joel, Mikaela & Maria left Sweden wednesday, roadtripping through Denmark and Germany. Arrived in the small town Walkenburg late night wednesday. Day #1 snowboarding didn't pend out really as planed, Mika took a pretty nasty taco-slam, ambulance ride and surgery.. nerve wrecking 7h hours waiting for stabilization. She's still not out of danger but stable and lookin up, we're all praying and hope you feel much better really soon!

Day #2 Going great, having a lot of fun shredding. Right before lunch I mashed a taco as well, bounced and got a 2nd hit from the donkey to my back. Got some shit done after that but I'm really stiff by now. Hopefully soft and smooth again tomorrow, or else Joel got him self a cameraman, haha.