Hey guys!
Been super busy lately, but sorry for not updating this thing more often!
Though working my mind out I've got some snowboarding done :)
Manage to successfully build a big air jump and arrange a really appreciated competition at Vallåsen, in which I got first place.
Le Jump @Vallåsen

Went to Ulricehamn for a Slopestyle event a couple of weeks earlier. Sweet event with really good riders, felt like I could had done more.. still, stoked on that day and a 3rd place.

Also, last weekend I went to Alvesta for Hanaslöv snowpark season ender. Had a really great time, great weather and nice setups. They built some large features for us and we had a sunset shoot at the end of the day. There will be some footage from that later so keep your eyes open, later!

Footage from Hanaslöv by Joakim Wijk featuring me & Adam Klingeteg